This page holds entomological resources for the state of Connecticut. Use the menu below to sort by topic.

Member sites


Along the Air Line

Stan Malcolm's website features over 17,000 photographs taken on his many year-round walks along the Air Line Trail.

Brigette Valencia

Brigette Zacharczenko's personal website, with access to her research papers, scientific illustrations, and free outreach materials.

Fishes of the Western Atlantic

Ray Simpson leads a double life: ichthyologist and entomologist! Check out his website for his fantastic scientific illustrations.

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One of the best insect identification websites, with an active community of experts.


A community that anyone can join. Upload photos and locality data, and other members will help identify what you've found. You can also help curate other records. A great way to gather and collect your own data, or figure out where/when to find a particular species.

Moth Photographers Group

A great resource for lepidopterists! Sort taxonomically to see almost every moth species in North America.

Pests, Invasive species, and more!

The CT DEEP has several pages devoted to the insects and invertebrates of Connecticut, with info on tick testing, EAB, and more.

Endangered, Threatened, and Special Concern species in CT

The DEEP compiles data from researchers throughout the state (even you!) in order to manage their lists of endangered, threatened, and special concern insects. Use the links on this page to see the current list, and forms for submitting your own findings.

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Caterpillars of Eastern North America

David Wagner's infamous caterpillar guide. Rich with photos, host plant information, and delightful anecdotes. A must-have for any entomological library.

Owlet Caterpillars of Eastern North America

For the Noctuid lover in your life, this book is bigger and goes into more depth than the general caterpillar guide.

The Connecticut Butterfly Atlas

Species accounts, maps, host plant data and more for all of CT's 117 butterfly species.

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National Moth Week