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Meeting February 17th: The Northern Metalmark in Connecticut

Hello CES,

Our February talk is Feb. 17th at 7:30pm on Zoom. The speaker is Faith Novella, who will be talking about a butterfly that is well known to CT butterfliers: the Northern Metalmark. She is involved in habitat restoration and conservation of the few remaining metalmark habitats in CT. As usual, the pre-meeting social will begin at 6:30 and the business meeting/speaker will start at 7:30 and run about an hour. Keep in mind that March is our student colloquium and we are looking for student speakers! Please email for the Zoom info. Title: The Northern Metalmark in Connecticut: Habitat Management of a Critically Imperiled Butterfly Abstract: The northern metalmark (Calephelis borealis) is a critically imperiled butterfly in Connecticut with only two known populations remaining. Driving forces of their decline include afforestation and invasive plants crowding out nectar sources and the larval host plant, roundleaf ragwort (Packera obovata). The only evidenced way to increase the likelihood of persistence of the population is through active habitat management that entails selective removal of trees and other woody vegetation, elimination of invasive species, and augmentation of nectar sources. Continued management of the site has created a haven for not only the northern metalmark, but rare native plants and other arthropods in the unique ecotonal woodland habitat. Hope to see you there!


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